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A FREE Workshop + Workout

3 strategies to get you back to exercising in your current season of motherhood.

Not able to attend?

Still sign up and a recording will be sent to your Inbox.  

In this workshop you will get the tools you need to:

Is this you?

You long for the exercise routine you had before kids. 

Before kids, you got in a full uninterrupted hour of exercise regularly. You felt strong and energized and had a rhythm that worked for you. 

Since having kids, there's always something preventing you from working out: A sick kiddo, an unfinished to-do list, you have little energy and reschedule to another day.

The same exercises you did before kids do not feel the same after kids. You feel “weaker”, disconnected, and you’re not sure how to overcome that barrier. 

You feel frustrated and defeated because you are missing the exercise you once enjoyed and it feels like you will never get back to doing it again. 

How would it feel to:

Start every week off with an exercise routine that works for YOU in your current season. 

Have effective workouts you can do in 20 minutes or less so you can stay consistent and get back to feeling stronger.

Learn strategies to overcome obstacles preventing you from working out, so you can still get it in spite busy mom life.

Know what strategies to use so you can get the most out of your workout and get back to feeling like yourself in your body.

Get back energy and finally have an exercise routine that works for you and helps you prioritize yourself. 

Workshop Schedule

We understand life can get a bit lifey.

Pick a time that works best for your schedule. 

What to Expect

Register for the Reclaim Your Fitness workshop.

We will send you the Zoom link in your confirmation email.

If you can't find your confirmation email, then be sure to check your junk/spam or promotions folder and SAVE us as a contact so don't miss out on the details. 

On the day of the workshop we will coach you through a 20 minute workout. You DO NOT need any equipment. We suggest you have some water nearby and a mat if you are on a hard surface. 

NOTE: If you cannot attend we will send the recording. However, if you are able to attend LIVE we strongly encourage you to do so. This will allow you the chance to ask us questions and feel the energy from the group. There's just something about being around likeminded mamas in a similar season to encourage you - even if it's over the Interweb.


Hi, we are Chandra & Maddie!

We are the creators of Sustainable Strength Reset, Sustainable Strength Progression, and co-founders of Fitness Interrupted. 

With over 10 years in the fitness industry, pre and postnatal certifications, a love for kettlebells and strength training, plus 5 kids between the two of us (all who are 6 years and under) our focus is to help mamas who are postpartum and beyond heal and recover, get back to doing the movement they love, while feeling stronger and moving better in their bodies.  

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