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Sustainable Strength

8-Week Strength Training Program to help you:

Seamlessly fit exercise into your day.

Build strength with SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE workouts

Break free from thoughts preventing you from exercising.


8 weeks. 3 days a week.
Workout in 20 minutes or less.

Move Better. Increase your Strength.  

Take control of the thoughts preventing you from exercising.

Motherhood is rewarding, but also requires SO MUCH mental and physical strength, which can make prioritizing yourself feel challenging. 

The benefits to SIMPLE, SHORT, and EFFECTIVE exercises can help increase energy, reduce injury and aches and pains, and build muscle and bone density. 

SSR is an 8-Week exercise and habit based program that can be done from the comfort of your own home in less than 20 minutes. 

What's included in SSR?

  • 24 Videos for At-Home Training

  • Lifetime access to ALL strength building workouts

  • Simple, short, and effective mindset and nutrition strategies emailed weekly

  • Weekly accountability group chats with your trusted coaches

  • Nutritious family favorite recipes emailed weekly

  • Tools to help you create long lasting habits you won't quit

  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for encouragement, support, and to answer any additional questions.


There is no calendar to make you feel like you're falling behind and can't catch up.

Break free of that “falling off the wagon” mindset

(btw we don’t believe a wagon exists!)

SSR Example GIF.gif

If you want an exercise routine that is: 

SUSTAINABLE: Doesn't require special equipment, Doesn't hugely interrupt your daily responsibilities, Provides simple meals that don't require fancy ingredients

SIMPLE: Clickable workouts that can be done anywhere in 20-minutes or less and require little brain work, Workouts that are SUPER EFFECTIVE, Nutrition habits that incorporate small changes

REALISTIC: Provides tools to help you fit exercise into your current season of motherhood, 

Teaches mindset strategies that can be applied and easily adapted to exercise and nutrition

Then this program was created just for YOU

What moms are saying ~~

I was working out regularly, but not achieving results and having continued lower back pain. It was easy to put the needs of my family first, but I decided to make time for myself and started training with Fitness Interrupted. This proved to be exactly what I needed. They are knowledgeable not just about fitness, but about all stages of postpartum. I had a cesarean 3.5 years before training with FI and they still taught me about managing related issues. Learning to properly engage and relax my pelvic floor during exercise has changed the way I work out. Fitness Interrupted has provided excellent support, education, and encouragement.

I’m so thankful for this course and this group. I hesitated to jump in at first but I’m so glad I did...It has definitely motivated me to work even more exercise in my life which is something I haven’t been consistent at since 2019. Thank you so much for the motivation!

~ Bri

~ Flo

I want to THANK YOU for all the ways you helped and encouraged me with taking care of myself and my sweet baby during my pregnancy, not just with exercise and nutrition but with empowering me to realize that I'm not a powerless addict to sugar but just a woman who needed to eat more protein! :) I went from feeling almost powerless over my cravings and food habits to truly seeing that I have (and always HAD) total control over what I choose to eat. I feel so healthy in my heart and body and you were a huge part of that for me. Working with you created ripples that have positively impacted my entire family, and I am so thankful for that.

Thank you for all you do!!!

~ M.B.



How long is this program? 

The program is 8 weeks and allows you the flexibility to choose your weekly workout days. We understand how crazy motherhood can be. Remember to show yourself grace and be patient with yourself.


What is the goal of the program?

Sustainable Strength Reset is an exercise and habits based program specifically designed to help busy moms break free of the All-or-Nothing mentality and implement a sustainable exercise routine that works for YOU! You will receive 3 workouts to help you gain strength and functionality in your body.


Are these workouts safe for diastasis, hypertonic pelvic floor and/or prolapse?

Yes, they are. Each workout video will walk you through each exercise. Modifications and cues are provided to help you recognize and manage intra-abdominal pressure, as well as reduce symptoms related to diastasis recti, prolapse and incontinence. 


If possible, see a pelvic floor therapist.


What if it’s been YEARS since I’ve had a baby?

It doesn’t matter. The Sustainable Strength Reset Program was created to help mama’s no matter how long they’ve been postpartum. Our workouts can be adjusted based on your comfort level.


Can I do this program if I’m pregnant? 

The Sustainable Strength Reset Program is meant for postpartum mama’s. 

We encourage you to seek the advice of your doctor before beginning any workouts that are new to your exercise routine during pregnancy.


How soon after the baby should I start the program? 

8 weeks after your doctor has cleared you to workout. Each workout creates a foundation to help you feel stronger and move better throughout your daily routine after having a baby. 


We always encourage you to seek the advice of your doctor first. 


Is this program safe while breastfeeding/pumping? 

Yes. A couple things to keep in mind:

1) Ensure you are getting adequate nutrition so it does not affect your milk supply. 


2) Drink plenty of water and eat lots of whole foods.


3) While nursing/pumping your body is producing relaxin. Relaxin is a hormone that increases ligament laxity which can make you more prone to injury. Be cautious and mindful as you work through the program. 


Do I need equipment for this program? 

Yes, a set of mini resistance bands. 

Optional, dumbbell or kettlebell for added resistance or you can do each exercise with just body weight.


Do I need cardio in addition to your program? 

No need to fret, we’ve built cardio into the workouts and have included modifications in case you experience pelvic floor symptoms. Each person’s postpartum experience is different. There’s no one size fits all in movement :) 


How challenging are the workouts? 

Functional movement is key to helping a mama get back to doing the things she needs and loves to do. Each workout provides a beginner, intermediate, and advance option based on your comfort level. We walk you through each exercise to help you reconnect your mind with those often hard-to-find muscles. 


How many days a week do I need to do the workouts? 

3 new strength-based workouts are sent to your inbox weekly (a total of 24 workouts over the course of 8 weeks). You are encouraged to set a date/time for yourself each week to complete the workouts. We understand motherhood can be crazy, which is why we’ve built some flexibility into the program.


What if I can’t make the live Q&A sessions? 

We understand life can get crazy, a link to the live Q&A will be sent to you via email once a week.


Still have questions? 
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