Simplified Fitness for the Busy Mom
Feel Stronger. Move Better. Feel Confident.
Effective strength training workouts so you can get back to the exercise you loved before having kids. 

Exercise in less than 10 minutes a day!

Grab your FREE Workouts to help you build strength without exercising for hours at a time in a  gym.  The downloadable guide includes short videos to walk you through each exercise. 

Returning to exercise after having kids can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing.

 Finding the TIME often seems impossible. Plus, choosing EFFECTIVE workouts that work for your current season of motherhood can be tricky to navigate on your own.    
Our strength training programs will meet you where you are and have you feeling strong and capable again. 

Our programs are perfect if you want:

Simple and effective workouts in 30 minutes or less. (yes please!)
Love working out in the comfort of your own home.  
To get back into a fitness routine after having kids (doesn't matter how old your kids are).  
To strengthen your core and pelvic floor, while building muscle.  
To reduce back pain, improve posture, and reduce pelvic floor symptoms.  
Get stronger and feel more confident in your body.  
An exercise routine that works in ALL seasons of motherhood


We are certified pre and postnatal fitness trainers.  
The creators of 10-Minute Fitness Challenge and co-founders of Fitness Interrupted.  
We have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry,  a love for strength training and kettlebells, &, 5 kids between the two of us - coffee is a staple in both our homes.
We TOTALLY understand all that motherhood requires.  It is our passion to provide accessible fitness programs. We believe ALL moms deserve to feel strong and capable in their bodies.
It is our goal to help busy mamas (postpartum and beyond) heal, recover, and return to the exercise they love!

What mamas say when they work with us: 

"Since starting our workouts I don't feel like I have to run to the bathroom every 10 minutes at 32 weeks pregnant.”

Mom of 5

"Learning to properly engage and relax my pelvic floor during exercise has changed the way I workout. Fitness Interrupted has provided excellent support, education, and encouragement."

Mom of 2

"I feel stronger in my body. It's in lots of different ways but I can feel it! Stairs, getting up off of the ground, etc. ."

Mom of 2 

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